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Sample Lesson on Lies, Deception, Jealousy, Infidelity

This is a sample lesson from The Couples Institute Online Training Program. This lesson is on lies, deception, jealousy, and infidelity. It’s my way of introducing you to a unique online training and consultation program, where you get immediate and live feedback on your most difficult cases.

For more info on the Online Training Program, go to or call 650-327-5915 or 877-327-5915.


“This course taught me to be more active and assume the leadership role more both with individuals and with couples. Ellyn, your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience plus your encouraging and supportive style has touched me deeply.” Ümit Çetin, Istanbul, Turkey

“A thousand thank-you's for such a great course.  Rich content, well presented.  Fabulous references to other resources.  Outstanding bonuses.  Thank you for putting your heart and soul into the creation of this program; really well done!” Kathleen Hancox Izzo, CHT, Ogunquit, ME

“I am learning so much, I am so grateful to you and all who make this such a powerful learning experience. Your response to my inquiry offered me important new insights and led to a breakthrough for the couple. I cannot thank you enough.” Mary Jane Hooper, MFT, Fort Worth, Texas



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