“Ellyn and Peter have a rare combination of brilliance, great teaching skills, commitment to their students, and humanity. They are both remarkably clear and precise in articulating the underlying dynamics and possible places to intervene with a couple in a way that I can take with me and implement in my practice. I almost always walk away from each day of training filled to the brim with new insights and ways of thinking that I then bring into my teaching and clinical practice. I appreciate their clinical brilliance that much more because it comes with such warmth and vulnerability. I believe that a big part of my success in private practice, and my deep satisfaction with my work has been a result of my training with Ellyn and Peter.”
~Michael Klein, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist & Adjunct Faculty member, California Institute of Integral Studies

“Getting trained by Ellyn and Peter has transformed my work as a couples therapist to a new level of expertise. Their differentiation-based model of therapy is extremely effective and they have a keen ability to translate theory into powerful clinical action. They both have an engaging teaching style and give on-target feedback which is incredibly helpful in challenging you as a therapist to go beyond the comfort zone we can all get stuck in!! Most importantly, they refreshingly embody the model they teach—with each other as a couple and in relating to their students—dealing nondefensively and directly with differences while staying firmly connected. They are the best!!”
~Judith Anderson, Ph.D., Irvine, CA

“What they teach is real, not just some theory that sounds really good. It’s as if they use their relationship as a way of quality control for the material they teach, and to me that is as authentic as it gets.”
~Dolat Bolandi, MFTI, San Jose, CA

“It’s the most effective and practical work I’ve found. It integrates well with all my other training and my own 30 years of experience.” ~Sharon Lee, Vancouver, VA

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