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Join us for a one-hour call on October 7th at 5pm Pacific Time.

To join the call dial 425-440-5100 and when prompted enter conference ID 785572#. You can also check here to see if there is a local telephone number in your area code.

We look forward to speaking with you about this exciting opportunity.

  1. I’m excited to hear what you are thinking of in this regard. I’ve taken the advanced training for over a year now. Don’t get to take the calls very often but listen to them after and really find the work you do and the training valuable and helpful to my thinking about couples work.

  2. I aspire to all these goals. In fact I left a corporate career to pursue being a therapist 8 years ago. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I have to a certain extent. Where I feel I have fallen short is some how failing to make a difference in my life. I want to excel in this field but somehow just fall short in some way.

    This program could be the support and structure I need to go the distance and at least be able to say I did my best.

    I took the beginning couples training and got my CEs. The problem is I attended about 2 calls….



  3. I’m excited to hear more about this program! I have a client scheduled during part of the call so will be popping on 30 min into the call — will the call be recorded so that I can catch up on the first part later on?

  4. I’m hopeful about what the mentoring program offers. Mentoring is usually free, in the traditional use of the word, where as training or workshops are for cost. Most curious to see if this is truly mentoring, and am excited to hear more. As far as time commitment, I believe we all have time for what we make time for. That has been a challenge for me that I’d like to get past. It feels like all my time is spoken for, with tasks relating to my business. I’d love to learn how to manage time better so there is more of a sense of choice.
    Sounds like an amazing program that could be life-changing! Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. commnt 2-At my stage of life, I’m looking for something adventurous, new, a bit off the beaten track. I don’t even know what yo are offering, but it sounds like what the Dr ordered! I feel somewhat burnt out after more than 40 years in the field, and specializing in couples work. this sounds like G-d was pointing the way. And I don’t even know what exactly you’re offering. thhat makes if even more exciting. Hope the fee isn’t too high.

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