When you work with a therapist from The Couples Institute, you'll benefit from the skill and expertise of someone who is a dedicated  specialist. The average Marriage and Family Therapist may have taken only one or two courses on couples in graduate school and probably sees only a few couples in his or her practice. Our therapists specialize in couples therapy: they train extensively with Dr. Bader and Dr. Pearson and other distinguished experts, and that means you get to the core of your issues sooner and learn how to move through them faster.


Exclusive advantages for Couples Institute clients:

You'll get a complimentary copy of our best-selling book, “Tell Me No Lies,” about how to create a better relationship with honesty, compassion and sensitivity. It's by the Co-Founder & Director of The Couples Institute, Dr. Ellyn Bader. Just ask your therapist if you'd like a copy.

You'll get free access to our exclusive paid members' website, normally $297. This site is loaded with information, exercises and insights that can accelerate your progress.

You'll get a special discount on all of our resources for couples.

When it comes to therapy, thoughtful people often wonder…

  • Can my relationship be helped?
  • Could therapy make things worse?
  • Will I be blamed for most of the distress?
  • Will I get to be understood and heard?
  • How long will it take?

These are understandable concerns. We can't answer without knowing you and your situation, but we can suggest a few questions that you may wish to inquire of a therapist when calling for an appointment. You may want to ask:

How long have you been working with couples? Experience is definitely a factor, just as you would hope your eye surgeon is not a novice.

What percent of your practice is composed of couples? Again this speaks to experience.

How extensive is your training in couple’s therapy? The complexity of relationships and the emotional brain make it imperative the therapist be thoroughly and extensively trained in the psychology and biology of relationships.

How active are you in your couples work? Working with couples requires the therapist to be more active and directive than working with individuals. Being so active is uncomfortable for a lot of therapists.

Do you give homework? We believe it is important to suggest a focus between meetings.

What theoretical framework do you utilize? There are many different theoretical approaches but the experienced therapist can articulate their framework.

Our experienced therapists are ready to answer these questions for you, and will make sure you can see positive results in your relationship as soon as possible. A Couples Institute therapist will contact you soon to make your first  appointment. You are ready to start creating a better future!

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