Couples need help now. Yet many therapists and many couples are reluctant to work online.

Couples are working so hard to make their day-to-day life feel more normal that they don’t realize how much extra stress is affecting them below the surface. And they are afraid to tackle any issues that might leave them hurt and angry while they are stuck at home together. Or it feels futile to tackle the problems they had last month when a whole new host of problems are arising.

This is where your confidence matters.

Are you sure you can manage your online sessions?

Do you know how to build a more intimate connection with your couples online?

Can you manage hostility and aggression by making some targeted changes so you don’t leave partners in regressed, wounded places?

There is a lot of evidence that situations like these quarantines are followed by depression and PTSD. If your couples ignore the problems they’re facing in quarantine, it is very likely they will be worse off when the lockdown is lifted. But because they’re struggling to survive day-to-day, they’re not thinking about the long term consequences of burying their head in the sand.

The big question on their mind is “How can I get through quarantine without going even more nuts? How can I do it without hating my partner and going crazy?”

The good news is that you are the solution they need.

My husband and I have been working with Sue Diamond and Nancy St. John - two therapists who have been seeing couples online for years. Collectively, we’ve seen many hundreds of couples online. We want to share what we’ve learned with you.

Learn to do experiential work with couples online, connect closely with each partner, manage hostile interactions actively, onboard new clients, and get couples to book regular sessions.

In our recorded training, How to Work More Effectively with Couples Online, you’ll get 90 minutes of tips, techniques, and suggestions for overcoming your biggest challenges to online couples work.

How To Work More Effectively With Couples Online

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You’ll discover how to …

  • Use experiential methods like Gestalt 2-chair work, the Paper Exercise, and others
  • Help the quality of contact feel more intimate on screen
  • Find opportunities to go deeper with clients and pick up on subtle emotional cues
  • Assess and then get started with a new couple
  • Deal with feeling overwhelmed when trying to learn new telehealth skills
  • Interrupt a client when they’re fighting and not listening to you
  • Manage couples’ volatility

When you sign up now for just $59, you’ll also get the following bonuses:

  • A resource list of the exact videos, articles, blog posts, and questionnaires we use with our own clients. These reinforce your work, inspire your clients, and keep things on track
  • Two sample emails you can send to clients as soon as they make contact. These are emails we use to establish ourselves as leaders, assure clients of our expertise, and assess if they are clients well suited for online work. It includes a practical checklist for clients about making the most of working online. These emails will help you get off to a strong, confident start.

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How To Work More Effectively With Couples Online

Buy Now - Only $59

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