Trainer of therapists in 56 countries offers a unique 8-week online training course

Healing the Divided Self: Innovations in Individual and Couples Therapy

Your work becomes faster and easier when you learn how to:

    • Take the stress out of individual and couples therapy.
    • Melt clients’ natural self-protective resistance to change.
    • Apply new tools for more satisfying results – for you and your clients.

If you sometimes feel like you’re working harder than you want while getting meager results, then this message will be crucial to your professional success.

In just eight sessions you will learn to skillfully guide your clients through their stubborn intrapsychic conflicts.

Clearly identify and transform the conflict between the aspiration to grow vs the entrenched self-protection that resists deeper change.

Key components of this training

In this training I focus on two key components to making your work easier and faster.

From Intrapsychic Conflict to Internal Collaboration

Help your clients heal the conflict between their stubborn self-protectiveness and their aspirations for a better life/relationship.

Healing this intrapsychic conflict is key for accelerated change.

It’s all done with skilled 2-Chair work where the client has a dialogue between their aspirations and their self-protective resistance.

This takes you out of the middle. You’re no longer the one who challenges their self-protective ego. Instead you become a guiding healer.

Good 2-Chair work helps the client develop the courage to challenge their self-protections and strengthen the aspirational ego.

You become a strong leader without telling them what to do.

I’ll teach you to guide clients without being bossy or controlling, or coming across like a parent telling them how to behave.

Even better, you will be able to communicate your strongest beliefs and values, and have clients feel like you are still on their side, wanting the best for them – no matter how resistant they are.

You can simultaneously respect their self-protection and support their aspirations.

Healing traumas

You can go even deeper into the healing by applying my simplified energy psychology approach. Now you can deal smoothly with the underlying painful experience or trauma that inhibits the exploration of new worlds.

This powerful combination is like replacing a small engine on an airplane with a greater one which lets you fly farther, faster and safer.

Your clients’ intrapsychic conflicts and personal traumas are now in your skillful hands. Their gratitude is your satisfaction.

A unique online training experience

You will have the opportunity to learn the skills, see them put into practice, ask questions, and even (if you choose) experience the change process yourself.

Here’s what I mean.

You can role play one of your stuck clients that seem to resist your best interventions, and I will demonstrate how to create forward movement.

After demonstrating this process, I’ll discuss what I did and why.

You will be able to feel the shift happening.

I won’t just give you a safe theoretical description of what to do. I put myself on the line to demonstrate what I teach.

If I did not have such conviction and confidence in this approach, I would merely describe what you might try. And we would all hope for the best.

But you get to see it demonstrated.

Better yet, how about experiencing this process for your own personal growth?

For example, you can volunteer to describe something in your life that you want to do or do more of. But you feel stuck.

I will work with you for a handful of minutes, and you will experience a new momentum and positive energy toward a valued goal.

Your personal growth and expertise skyrocket.

This is what makes this training so valuable.

Here are key steps to mastering new skills.

You start with a desire to learn something new. You think about how to apply this knowledge to your own clients – or even to your own life.

Then you observe me – or experience the process yourself if you choose.

And then you use it with some of your stuck clients.

Next reflect about what went well and where it was not smooth.

In our next training session together, you describe your experience of what worked and where you stumbled.

I discuss it with you. Your learning increases.

You return to your clients with increased clarity.

You continue to experiment, get supportive feedback, and refine your new skills.

Congratulations. You just applied key steps to mastering the art of therapy.

And that is how I really accelerated my expertise. I practiced a lot and exceeded 10,000 hours years ago. But only after I practiced the above steps did my skills really take off.

What about couples therapy?

If you are wondering if this same process can be applied to couples therapy, the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

When the observing spouse sees their partner struggle with the desire for a more connected relationship and with their self-protections, they do not take the rejections so personally. They see a bigger picture of their struggles. It helps create the foundation for a stronger team.

When does this accelerated results-oriented training start?

This eight-session online training starts February 27 at 1:00 PM Pacific time. All classes will be Thursdays at 1:00 PM Pacific, for 90 minutes.

The other live sessions on Zoom are as follows:

  • March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 9, 16, 23

All sessions are recorded for convenient review.

This stress-reducing training costs $699 or 2 payments of $350 for all eight sessions.

Enrollment is limited. Growth is not.

I look forward to working with you.

Peter Pearson, Ph.D.

“I studied 6 or 7 therapeutic models for couples counseling when I first began my career over 18 years ago. None of them offered the clarity and the practical knowledge for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment that the Bader/Pearson developmental model offers. Since I have been consulting with and associating with Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson I have found my own work with couples has deepened dramatically, allowing me to feel truly effective at helping people make lasting changes in their relationships. Indeed, even my own marriage improved dramatically as I worked to integrate the concepts offered by EIlyn and Pete.”
-Lorelei Hammond, LCSW, Point Arena, CA

"Ellyn and Pete have a rare combination of brilliance, great teaching skills, commitment to their students, and humanity. I also find Ellyn and Pete to be amazing teachers. They are both remarkably clear and precise in articulating the underlying dynamics and possible places to intervene with a couple in a way that I can take with me and implement in my practice….I appreciate their clinical brilliance that much more because it comes with such warmth and vulnerability. I believe that a big part of my success in private practice, and my deep satisfaction with my work has been a result of my training with Ellyn and Pete."
-Michael Klein, Ph.D., San Francisco, CA

“I continue to be impressed by how quickly you identify the couples gridlock and that you don’t get seduced down the problem path of the day—and once identified how you compassionately confront with grace.”
-Rita Maynard, Ph.D., Portland, OR

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