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Get your Free Guide, Going Deeper with Couples’ Communication Problems: 5 Steps to Bring Strength and Clarity to your Work

Couples’ communication problems are almost never what the couple thinks they are. If you’re like many therapists this can often take you down a rabbit hole. Until you recognize the couple’s issues of denied accountability, regression, and defensive self-protective coping, you will apply behavioral strategies that won’t work.

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When you discover how to effectively address this common presenting problem in couples therapy from the start, you will avoid mistakes that I see so many therapists making, and you’ll know how to get unstuck.

With This FREE guide I give you 5 steps to bring strength and clarity to your work with couples on their communication problems:

  • What to do to start setting the stage from the first session
  • How to understand the couple’s pattern of ineffective communication
  • Helping the couple understand their pattern
  • Identifying what the partners desire from each other
  • Wrapping up the session and looking forward

You’ll also get:

  • Key questions you’ll want to ask to create shared understanding
  • An exercise with 44 ineffective behaviors partners use to cope. Share this with your couples to make identifying these easy
  • And much more

About Ellyn

Hi, I'm Ellyn Bader. I am the co-founder and the director of The Couples Institute and co-creator of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, with my husband, Dr. Peter Pearson.

When we created the Developmental Model over 30 years ago, it helped launched the specialty of couples therapy.

The Developmental Model has not only withstood the test of time, but it has served as the foundation for all of the strategies and interventions introduced at The Couples Institute and taught around the world.

I want to give you the tools and strategies I’ve learned so that it won’t take you years to discover them.

After helping thousands of therapists like you, I know I can help you, too.