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If you are seeing Catherine Bloomfield, Lori Collins, Robert Solley, Russell Wilkie, or Patrice Wolters please click the therapist’s name for a map to their office.

Sara Bunce has offices in both Menlo Park and San Mateo so if you are seeing her please click either Menlo Park or San Mateo for her locations.


  1. Hello, I was referred to Dr. Peter Klein by Heidi Emberling at Parents Place. I am wondering if he might be able to work with my husband and me. Briefly, my husband has a military and police background. I have a law degree and am currently working on becoming a Life Coach after failing the CA bar exam several times and subsequently being diagnosed with ADHD. We have a beautiful 4-year-old daughter. In October, my husband took a job in Folsom, CA after having a heart attack in his previous job at age 44 and has been commuting home for 2 days per week ever since. I was laid off from a start-up company in Menlo Park in December. At this time, I do not want to move to Folsom unless we improve our relationship. My husband says he never wants to move back to the Bay Area. We would greatly appreciate your help!

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