Stuck in a rut?

Listen as Ellyn gives this situation some perspective, and a few good strategies to get out. (3:30 minutes)


Fighting too much?

Pete talks about some fairly new research about the brain, and how we’re “wired” in any relationship to react to certain situations. He also mentions our upcoming couples workshop in August. If a two-day couples workshop could be of help to you, visit couples workshop. (2:40 minutes)

“We fight too much”

Is it hard to admit your own flaws sometimes?

It’s not easy for anyone, but can be a necessary step to get past hurdles in a relationship. Listen as Ellyn offers help to push through this common problem. (1:45 minutes)

“Admit Flaws”


And, in case you missed it in the previous email…


Sometimes a relationship can feel like a sinking ship. This is a quick 2-minute audio from Pete on what you can do about that, and why you shouldn’t wait until the ship is sinking.

“Ship is sinking”