1. As to Pete talking a lot, the client was pretty vocal and even a bit pressured (meaning the therapist role-playing the wife). In couples work, the therapist, as the one who knows how relationships can heal, has to be active and in charge. Otherwise, the partners drag the whole boat down. That’s a big difference between individual therapy and couples work.

  2. I wonder if after Ellen admits that she criticized Tim if there needed to be an apology or if it was deliberate to not follow through with one.

  3. Wonderful to have the opportunity to watch you and Pete work.
    I am not a therapist by training, I do however, study the theories and try to use the best listening and questioning skills I have to increase awareness of myself and invite others to also shift to kind and open ways of being with each other.
    Deep gratitude.

  4. I appreciate the specific questions you asked of the couple to increase their engagement in the work and to create a goal. I appreciate your dedication to couples work and the difficulties they present.

  5. I really appreciate your time, energy knowledge and wisdom that went into presenting this mini-workshop. It helped clarify my thinking on and gave structure to my use of confrontation in couples therapy. As a former participant of the training, I appreciate being invited to participate in this workshop. Your work has been invaluable to my growth as a couples therapist.

  6. Thank you very much! It was very insightful! I have a question, perhaps, it’s for the future series. Could you say something about sexual trancferances that occur in couples therapy.
    Thank you!

  7. It is appears that Chevalisa, who has identified her own full name and location, is using the real names of the couple. I think this is very inappropriate.

  8. Thank you Ellyn and Pete, and to your team for your mini-workshop and live web sessions. I liked this format, and your information and teaching you provided are great.
    I had already signed up for another type of webinar for the next 8 weeks, but will most definitely consider your program or attending one of your conferences in the near future.
    Kind regards
    Lori ( Calgary, AB, Canada )

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