The Couples Institute offers world-class training to therapists who are looking to grow in their personal and professional lives, become more effective as clinicians and savvier business owners. We believe in the power of knowledge applied.

The Master Mentoring program is a select group of 24 therapists we personally mentor for 12 months. We go deep and more than 50% remain in the program. Because of this, there are only a small amount of openings each year. The program is competitive, as there are a limited number of open spots, so we are selective with whom we work.

With that in mind, please answer the following questions to officially apply to the program. It should only take a few minutes, and afterward, you will be contacted to set up a call with Ellyn Bader or Pete Pearson. Thank you!

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“It’s the place where people can be raw, real, differentiated, and supported. The place where people can soar and stumble. And when you do, loving and supportive faces will be beaming back at you. I have the reins of my own life. I went from having a poverty mindset working in a group private practice based solely on managed care payments making a meager income, to owning my own practice accepting only private pay. My sessions are full with private pay clients and I have a waiting list. I got rid of my dead laptop and dead car. My personal and financial growth was exponential.”

Kelly Scharver

“My work has transformed this year and my confidence has increased a lot.”

Nancy St. John

“I gained so much confidence through the year and momentum to move forward.”

Sue Diamond