How can you help a betrayed partner get past unrelenting anger after infidelity is revealed?

It has to do with facilitating effective differentiation with your couples in the middle stage of repairing infidelity.

To do this successfully will require each partner developing an increasing capacity to tolerate ambiguity and manage anxiety-provoking discussions.

Watch the video below to learn the crucial questions and interventions to use in this middle stage of repair work.

After watching this video, if you’d like to dive deeper into how much is possible to do in first sessions after infidelity, join me for a live webinar, Managing the Crisis of Infidelity: How to Lead Your Clients from Raw Pain to Constructive Action.

I’ll demonstrate…

  • Why infidelity often occurs in highly enmeshed relationships
  • How to untangle and describe what issue belongs to each partner
  • What happens for a betrayed partner when they stop personalizing their partner's infidelity

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